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Document of the Month Pages

Begun in April of 2012, Document of the Month highlights interesting documents, photographs, and other images from the holdings of the Louisiana State Archives. This page features documents for the current year. To see documents for prior years, click on the links below.

2023 Documents

Armand J. Piron (1889-1943)

2/1/23) Armand John "A.J." Piron was a New Orleans jazz musician and violinist. He was born in 1889, the son of Armand Piron, a shoemaker, and his wife, Jennie Zeringue. At the age of 21, he was working as a barber in his own shop, but a few years later, he formed the Piron and Williams Music Publishing Company with Clarence Williams. In its first year of operation, it published Piron's most famous composition, "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate." Piron went on to form his own orchestra and played in venues around New Orleans. The 1920 census lists his occupation as professor of music. He married Oxana McKenna in 1912 and they had four children. Piron died at the age of 53 on the 17th of February 1943 of tubercular meningitis. He was buried in St. Louis Cemetery No. 2. His birth and death and certificates are on file at the Louisiana State Archives (Orleans Births, 1889, vol. 98, p. 611, and Orleans Deaths, 1942, vol. 504, #1993).


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Oscar K. Allen (1882-1936)

(1/1/23) Oscar Kelly Allen served as the 42nd Governor of Louisiana from 1932 to 1936. He was the first individual elected as governor after Huey P. Long's resignation to serve in the United States Senate. Allen and Long were childhood friends in Winnfield, Louisiana, and Long handpicked him as his successor. Allen's term coincided with worst period of the Great Depression in Louisiana. Local governments became more dependent on the state for funds that previously were raised by the parish, while the state became more dependent on federal dollars, particularly those from the New Deal agencies providing relief to the needy. After Long's death in 1935, Allen won the primary to succeed him in the U.S. Senate, but never had the opportunity to serve. He died on the 28th of January 1936 in Baton Rouge at the executive mansion of a brain hemorrhage. His death certificate, on file at the Louisiana State Archives (Statewide Deaths, 1936, vol. 2, #523), identifies his parents as Asa L. and Sophronia Perkins Allen. He was buried in the Winnfield Cemetery.


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