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Document of the Month Page

Begun in April of 2012, Document of the Month highlights interesting documents, photographs, and other images from the holdings of the Louisiana State Archives. This page features documents for the current year. To see documents for prior years, click on the links below.

Albert Estopinal Death Certificate, 1919

Albert Estopinal was a sugar cane planter from St. Bernard Parish who served in both houses of the Louisiana State Legislature and in the U.S. House of Representatives. He also served as Lieutenant Governor from 1900 to 1904. He was born on the 30th of January 1845, and died one hundred years ago this month in his home parish of St. Bernard. His death certificate shown here identifies his parents as Joseph Estopinal and Felicie Gonzales, both of Canary Island heritage. It can be found on file at the Louisiana State Archives (Statewide Deaths, 1919, vol.10, #4941).

death certificate

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Emile Zatarain Death Certificate, 1959

(3/1/19) Zatarain's is a well-known Louisiana spice brand. The company was founded in 1886 as a grocery by Emile Antoine Zatarain, a New Orleans native with Basque roots. After leaving the grocery business, he founded the Zatarain Food Products Company and formulated Papoose Root Beer. He then expanded into other New Orleans and Cajun style flavorings and spices. His five sons followed him in the business, which was sold in 1963. Zatarain died 60 years ago this month at the age of 93. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in New Orleans. His death certificate can be found on file at the Louisiana State Archives (Orleans Deaths, 1959, vol. 0, #2135). It identifies his parents as Jules P. Zatarain and Elmire M. Lafrance.

death certificate

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Ada Bonner LeBoeuf Death Certificate, 1929

(2/1/19) Ninety years ago, Ada Bonner LeBoeuf and her purported lover, Dr. Thomas Dreher, were executed in Franklin, Louisiana, for the contract killing of Ada's abusive husband, James LeBoeuf, in July of 1927. The pair, along with shooter, James Beadle, were arrested and tried in St. Mary Parish. The trial was a sensation and made national headlines. "Ada and the Doc" were sentenced to death by hanging and Beadle received life in prison, though was released years later. The case has been the subject of two books and several articles. Controversy still lingers today. The author of the second book reportedly had difficulty finding local venues to give presentations and was told prominent people whose lineage related to the case would be angered. This month's document is Ada's death certificate. It states she was born 14 September 1889 in Jeanerette, the daughter of Charles E. Bonner of Ohio and Virginia Bossuet of Louisiana. It can be found on file at the Louisiana State Archives (Statewide Deaths, 1929, vol. 8, #3216).

death certificate

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Grace King Death Certificate, 1932

(1/1/19) Grace King was a New Orleans novelist and historian. Her writings included short fiction, novels, memoirs, biographies, and history. Louisiana genealogists will recognize her 1921 work, Creole Families of New Orleans, as a chronicle of the histories of numerous prominent New Orleans families. She was born in the city in 1852 to an aristocratic family and received an impressive education. She died in New Orleans on the 14th of January 1932 at the age of 78. Her death certificate, featured here, indicates she was single, a writer, and the daughter of William W. King and Sarah A. Miller. It can be found at the Louisiana State Archives (Orleans Deaths, 1932, vol. 203, p. 320).

death certificate

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